• Journal of Advanced Vehicle System

    Journal of Advanced Vehicle System provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the area of vehicle technology including, but not limited to vehicle propulsion, vehicle dynamics, vehicle ergonomics, vehicle safety, driving behavior, autonomous vehicle, vehicle design, vehicle manufacturing, human-machine interaction, advanced sub-system, aerodynamic, green technologies, etc.

  • Frontiers in Water and Environment

    Frontiers in Water and Environmental (Front. Water Environ.) with a short form of FWE is a refereed academic journal that publishes research article, review, and short communication on theoretical and applied sciences related water, environment, all aspect of pollution and solution to pollution in the biosphere.

    FWE is published online with a frequency of two (2) issues per year in February and August with FREE of Article Processing Charge (APCs) and FREE Articles Submission Charges (ASCs). Besides that, special issues of FWE will be published non-periodically from time to time. 

  • Journal of Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

    Journal of Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology aims to publish original research at the forefront of nanoscience scale and nanotechnology across all disciplines. The journal's scope encompasses the study of both fundamental phenomena at the nanoscale and applications of these phenomena. 'Nanotechnology' is taken to include the ability to individually address, control, and modify structures, materials and devices with nanometre precision, and the synthesis of such structures into systems of micro- and macroscopic dimensions. To be publishable in the journal, articles must meet the highest scientific quality standards, contain significant and original new science, and make substantial advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology scale. Research on the synthesis of materials should contain a significant innovation either in methodology, materials or demonstrated application. Through its unique mixture of peer-reviewed articles, the latest research news, and information on key developments, the journal provides comprehensive coverage of this exciting and dynamic field. Therefore, this journal welcomes the most significant original articles and forward-looking reviews on all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology. To ensure high editorial standards, every submitted article is initially assessed by the editors of the journal before being sent to independent referees. Articles can be rejected without refereeing after this initial assessment by the editors.

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

    Journal of Advanced Research in Experimental Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer is a peer-review international journal that publishes high quality papers and is a leading platform for introducing methods and techniques for measurement and data analysis in experimental fluid mechanics and heat transfer. This journal covers research in related fields, including study of aerodynamic in wind tunnel, hydrodynamics in pipes and ducts, theoretical and experimental papers on chemical engineering, compressible and incompressible fluid flow, turbulences, waves, boundary layers, fluid structure interaction, thermal and flow control, etc. This journal offers an online platform facilitating effective exchange of innovative scientific and engineering ideas and the dissemination of recent, original, and significant research and developmental findings.

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Micro and Nano Engineering

    Journal of Advanced Research in Micro and Nano Engineering is a peer-reviewed international journal, collects original contributions in all major area of micro and nano engineering.The journal covers fundamental and applied research in all disciplines of science, engineering and medicine. Scope of the journal includes materials synthesis, processing, fabrication, spectroscopy, properties, biological systems, micro- and nanostructures, theory and computation, etc

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Numerical Heat Transfer

    Journal of Advanced Research in Numerical Heat Transfer provides a worldwide platform for researchers, engineers, scientists and mathematicians to disseminate novel ideas, share preliminary findings of ongoing investigations, discussions, and criticisms in the field of heat transfer. This journal is a peer-review international journal that focuses on numerical solutions, with an emphasis on contributions which increase the basic understanding of the heat transfer mechanism and their application to engineering problems. Experimental research which supports the numerical solutions are also acceptable.

  • Malaysian Journal on Composites Science & Manufacturing

    The Malaysian Journal on Composites Science & Manufacturing is the first Malaysian publication in composites science and manufacturing engineering. Featuring research articles, compact reviews, and case studies, the journal covers all fundamental and applied studies on all types of composites materials and all crucial elements of composite manufacturing (material, process, design, robotics & automation, and industrial engineering).

    The journal bridges the crucial gap between fundamental research and industrial R&D on composites, targeting a broad audience of academics, scientists, and industrial researchers such as engineers and technologists.

  • Progress in Energy and Environment

    Progress in Energy and Environment (ISSN Online: 2600-7662) publishes open access scholarly articles related to all fields of energy and environmental engineering. The journal is devoted to be a communication platform between researchers to address current issues in the development of green energy and sustainability. The journal accepts research articles, review articles, case studies, and short communications. We welcome both fundamental and applied research articles. We practice double-blinded peer review policy. Please refer to Aims and Scope for more details.

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies

    Journal of Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies is a peer-reviewed international journal, collects original contributions in the area of corporate governance, human resource management, strategic management, entrepreneurship, marketing, e-business, services, information technology management, production & operations management, financial management, decision analysis, management research methods and managerial economics, etc.

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics

    The journal is concerned with high-level investigations of modern physical and mechanical problems and reports current progress in this field. The journal also encourages contributions from the newly emerging areas such as biomechanics, electromechanics, the mechanical behavior of advanced materials, nanomechanics, and many other inter-disciplinary research areas in which the concepts of applied mechanics are extensively applied and developed.

  • CFD Letters

    CFD Letters publishes as rapidly as possible manuscripts of high quality which addresses eminent topics of computational fluid dynamics theory and applications. Being an international, peer-reviewed, online and open access journal, CFD Letters presents a world-wide forum for the dissemination of knowledge among engineers, scientists and mathematicians working in the field of computational fluid mechanics.

  • Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences

    This journal welcomes high-quality original contributions on experimental, computational, and physical aspects of fluid mechanics and thermal sciences relevant to engineering or the environment, multiphase and microscale flows, microscale electronic and mechanical systems; medical and biological systems; and thermal and flow control in both the internal and external environment.