Modelling and Numerical Simulation of a Passive Wall Incorporating a Phase Change Material


  • Mohamed Cherif M’Ziane Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Physics, SAAD Dahaleb Blida1 University, 09000 Algeria
  • Ali Grine Dynamic Motors and Vibroacoustics Laboratory, Faculty of Technology, M’Hmed Bougara University, Boumerdes, 35000 Algeria
  • Zohir Younsi Laboratory of Civil Engineering & Geo-Environment (LGCgE - EA 45 15), FUPL, Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur (HEI), 13 Rue de Toul, F-59000 Lille, France
  • Mohamed Salah Khelifi Touhami Laboratory of Physical Engineering of Hydrocarbons M'hamedBougaraBoumerdès University, 35000 Algeria



Phase change material, composite wall, thermal behavior, finite volume, enthalpy method


The energy consumption of a building is strongly dependent on the characteristics of its envelope. The thermal performance of external walls and roof represents a key factor to increase the energy efficiency of the construction sector and to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Integration of Phase Change Material (PCM) in building envelope is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reduce the energy consumption due to decrease the energy requirement for maintaining thermal comfort by enhancing the thermal energy storage of the wall and the roof. This study deals with the numerical simulation of transient thermal behaviour of a plaster composite containing a microencapsulated phase change material (PCM) that can be embedded as a component in passive solar walls using a hybrid finite volume (FVM)/enthalpy method. First begins with the validation of our numerical model with the analytical results, we find that the results are identical, after using our model to study the thermal behaviour of the plaster /PCM composite wall. The results demonstrate in notable time shifting and reduction of the heat flux during the peak-hour time, due to PCM storage/release capacity during their melting/solidification, this good performance of thermal behavior is associated with increased thickness of wall.




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M’Ziane, M. C., Grine, A., Younsi, Z., & Khelifi Touhami, M. S. (2021). Modelling and Numerical Simulation of a Passive Wall Incorporating a Phase Change Material. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 79(1), 169–181.