Exergoeconomic Analysis of 21.6 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant in Riau, Indonesia


  • Awaludin Martin Mechanical Engineering Department, Riau University, Kampus Bina Widya, Simpang Baru, Pekanbaru, 28293, Indonesia
  • Nur Indah Rivai Mechanical Engineering Department, Riau University, Kampus Bina Widya, Simpang Baru, Pekanbaru, 28293, Indonesia
  • Rahmat Dian Amir PLN UPDK Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru’s Power Plant Unit Control, National Electricity Company, Pekanbaru, 28144, Indonesia
  • Nasruddin Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Indonesia, Kampus UI, Depok, 16424, Indonesia




Exergy, exergoeconomic, exergy destruction, total cost loss


In this study, exergoeconomic analysis was carry out on a 21.6MW gas turbine power plant by using logbooks record Pekanbaru Unit. The exergy analysis was start to determine the exergy destruction of each component of the power plant based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics and in this study, exergy and economic analysis were combined and used to evaluate the accrued cost caused by irreversibility, including the cost of investment in each component. The exergy analysis results showed that the location of the largest destruction was in the combustion chamber with 21,851.18 kW, followed by the compressor and gas turbine with 8,495.48 kW and 3,094.34 kW, respectively. The economic analysis resulted that the total cost loss due to exergy destruction was 2,793.14$/hour, consisting of compressor 1,066.43$/hour, combustion chamber 1,561.46$/hour and gas turbine 165.25$/hour. The thermal and exergetic efficiency of gas turbine power plant were 24.51% and 22.73% respectively.


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Awaludin Martin, Rivai, N. I., Amir, R. D. ., & Nasruddin. (2021). Exergoeconomic Analysis of 21.6 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant in Riau, Indonesia. Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 84(1), 126–134. https://doi.org/10.37934/arfmts.84.1.126134