Performance Enhancement of Solar Air Heater Using Different Phase Change Materials (PCMs)


  • Maithum Hussein Rasheed University of Babylon/College of Engineering - Al-Musayab/Energy Engineering Department, Iraq


solar air heater, PCMs, enewable energy, energy system


Water is used as a heat storage material in liquid-based systems, such as solar heating systems, and variable phase materials. In order to obtain the maximum period of time for thermal storage using different mixing ratios (70% of water and 30% of the variable phase PCM). The objectives of this work is to find the best mixing ratio between water, and choose the best type of PCM of two materials, to obtain high efficiency for testing and thermal energy storage using PCM, and the possibility of arriving at the optimal design of the system containing the variable phase material at the greatest thermal energy stock during the whole day for the purpose of heating with then to reach the extent of success of using its system in the climatic conditions of the city. (PVP is a powder or white flakes or yellowish white, attractive for moisture, dissolve freely in water and alcohol and PEG is a mark B ether and water-loving, with a few toxicity) so with these specifications we have had a good storage time of up to 44 minutes when mixing (70% of water and (20% PVP, 10% PEG)) and put it in brass tubes inside the box of the closed Sun Fair at an angle of 45.




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Rasheed, M. H. . (2020). Performance Enhancement of Solar Air Heater Using Different Phase Change Materials (PCMs). Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences, 66(1), 64–75. Retrieved from
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