Call for Papers: 6th IS-FMTS & 4th WVCASEA Conferences


The 4th World Virtual Conference on Applied Sciences and Engineering Applications (4th WVCASEA) and The 6th International Symposium on Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences (6th IS-FMTS). The aim to become the leading annual conferences in the fields related to fluid mechanics and thermal sciences, applied sciences and engineering applications. The goal of the conferences is to gather scholars, researchers, and scientists from all over the world to present advances in their research fields and to foster an environment conducive to exchanging ideas and information.



  • All authors are then encouraged to submit their Extended Full Paper for SCOPUS indexed publication with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
    • Extended Full Paper with new/modified manuscript title, new/modified abstract and rephrased content of manuscript.



Conference Fee

  • local RM1000
  • International USD300



•    Architecture
•    Biological Flows
•    Biology
•    Boiling and Evaporation
•    Chemistry
•    Compressible Flows
•    Computational Heat Transfer
•    Computer Science
•    Condensation
•    Drops and Bubbles
•    Electrohydrodynamics
•    Engineering Flows
•    Environmental
•    Environmental Heat Transfer
•    Gas Turbines
•    Geology, Engineering
•    Geophysical flows
•    Health Science
•    Heat Exchangers
•    Heat Pipes
•    Heat Transfer in Combustion and Engines
•    Magnetohydrodynamics
•    Mathematics and Statistics
•    Medicine
•    Microscale Flows
•    Multiphase Flows
•    Nanofluids
•    Natural and Technological Sciences
•    Particle - Laden Flows
•    Physics
•    Reactive Flows
•    Rotating Flows
•    Single Phase Heat Transfer
•    Superfluids
•    Turbulence

•    English