Experimental Investigation of the Ag-Nano Lubricant Effect on Air Conditioning Performance


  • Haider Nadhom Azziz Department of Petroleum Engineering, University of Kerbala, Iraq
  • Abbas Sahi Shareef Department of Mechanical Engineering ,University of Kerbala, Iraq
  • Hadeel Salah Hadi Department of Mechanical Engineering ,University of Kerbala, Iraq


energy consumption, coefficient of performance (COP), Ag nanoparticles, air conditioning


The use of nanotechnology has expanded in recent years and has entered the fields of heat transfer. The most important fields are cooling and the air conditioning system. present work conducted with the energy consumption and the coefficient of performance for air conditioning to indicate the influence of the adding Ag Nanoparticles to mineral Oil (MO4E) on the COP. Five concentration of Ag/MO 4E mixed in two steps which are kept the mixture in ultrasonic and then in mixing devices. The energy consumption was decreased with concentration until reach to 0.1% and 0.15% which acted minimum then increase while the COP increase with adding Ag nanoparticles and the optimum enhancement was 144.74% at the concentration 0.15%Ag. So that, it may be increase the performance of the system by mixing the nanoparticles with the lubricant oil.


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