The Effects of Magnetic Casson Blood Flow in an Inclined Multi-stenosed Artery by using Caputo-Fabrizio Fractional Derivatives


  • Dzuliana Fatin Jamil
  • Salah Uddin
  • Muhamad Ghazali Kamardan
  • Rozaini Roslan


Caputo-Fabrizio derivative, Blood flow, Magnetohydrodynamics, Multi-stenosis


This paper investigates the magnetic blood flow in an inclined multi-stenosed artery under the influence of a uniformly distributed magnetic field and an oscillating pressure gradient. The blood is modelled using the non-Newtonian Casson fluid model. The governing fractional differential equations are expressed by using the fractional Caputo-Fabrizio derivative without singular kernel. Exact analytical solutions are obtained by using the Laplace and finite Hankel transforms for both velocities. The velocities of blood flow and magnetic particles are graphically presented. It shows that the velocity increases with respect to the Reynolds number and the Casson parameter. Meanwhile, the velocity decreases as the Hartmann number increases. These results are useful for the diagnosis and treatment of certain medical problems.