Mixed Convection in a Lid-Driven Cavity Utilizing Nanofluids


  • M. Muthtamil Selvan Department of Mathematics, Anna University of Technology Tirunelveli, Tirunelveli, INDIA


nanofluid, mixed convection, lid-driven, finite-volume method


Heat transfer enhancement in a two-sided lid-driven cavity utilizing nanofluids is investigated for various pertinent parameters. A model is developed to analyze the behaviour of nanofluids taking into account the solid volume fraction c . The top and bottom moving walls are maintained at different constant temperatures while the vertical walls are adiabatic. The numerical approach is based on the finite volume technique with a staggered grid arrangement. The SIMPLE algorithm is used for handling the pressure velocity coupling. Numerical solutions are obtained for wide range of parameters and copper water nanofluid is used with Pr=6.2. Numerical results show the inclusion of nanoparticles into the base fluid has produced an augmentation of the heat transfer coefficient, which has been found to increase appreciably with an increase of particles volume concentration. Detailed results are presented in the form of streamlines, isotherms and average Nusselt numbers.